Every mickle mek a muckle. One- one coco full basket!

Those sayings are as Jamaican as ackee and saltfish. So too is the practice of, coming to foreign to work and sending money back home to, ‘tek care of things.’

Between sending the doctor bill money for mama and papa and the supermarket money for auntie Gwenie, there are a million and one ‘tings fi tek care of.’ Not to mention the fact that it is now July and before you know it, it’s back to school again.

This means your children, your grandchildren and Suzie’s third cousin great-grandson son are going to need new uniforms, shoes, bags, books and the school fee needs to be paid.

Whatever your reason is for sending money home, it is always a good feeling knowing you are able to help out. It’s not always easy to though. Sometimes it’s your grocery money that you sacrifice to ensure you are taking care of your loved ones who are depending on you.

If there was a chance to get back even a ‘tups’ of that money we sometimes send, we’d jump at it and that is why Western Union is giving away a grand prize of 10-thousand dollars, just for sending money – something you were going to do anyway.

Imagine what you could do with 10 Grand!

You could stock up your fridge with groceries. You could send more money home to fix the roof before the rainy season starts. You could actually take a trip to Jamaica to look for mama and papa and Cousin Suzie or you could go on that well needed vacation.

With Western Union’s “Win with WU” it’s pretty easy to enter and to win. All you have to do is send the ‘likkle’ money and just like that, you have a chance to win. Details at www.winwithwu.ca.

You’ll need to send the money by August 31 though, because that’s when the promotion ends. That’s also when all the back to school deals end, so either way, the money is going to need to get to Jamaica by then.

At Western Union, we know that every dollar you send comes from a place of love and we are not only happy to help you get that money to them, we’re rewarding you for doing so. That’s a sweet deal with ‘brawta.’