August 26th will be the date and the Markham Fair Grounds the venue for the UNI TnT’s 3rd Annual Family and Friends Picnic. This year’s event has been moved to its new more spacious venue so as to more comfortably accommodate the anticipated attendance, which is expected to be substantially more than last year’s Pickering Petticoat Creek hosted event attracted.

In addition to its usual slew of attractions, which will include live on-stage performances by several big name and up and coming local artistes, this year’s UNI T&T Family and Friends Picnic will also feature a 2018 FEEFA World Pot International Curry Duckoff. This is of course a facetious take off on the recently concluded FIFA World Cup. The Organizers haven’t as yet confirmed whether there will be any French or Croatian representatives among the competing curry duck cooks, but there is bound to be many Trinidadian and Guyanese exponents of that culinary art form in the mix.

This year’s Family and Friends Picnic will also feature displays of Kiddies Carnival costumes in a Festival of Mas. Lots for everyone to see and do.