As arguably the fastest growing Guyanese-owned restaurant in Toronto, if measured in terms of popularity, Tropical Nights has added to its allure with the introduction of new items as constants to its menu. On Thursday July 26 Caribbean Graphic’s personnel Publisher Tony McWatt and Advertising Manager Lyn Balram along with Keybase Financial’s CEO Owner Dax Sukhraj, his daughter Chrissy and Financial Controller Melvin, met with Tropical Nights owner Nigel Bijulisingh to discuss some forthcoming promotional initiatives for their respective entities.

During the meeting Bijulisingh treated his guests to samplings of his newly added menu items. These included lamb strips with white rice, the restaurant’s now legendary pepper shrimp, its very popular fried bangamary and its now more readily available than ever before black pudding.

Judging by the empty serving dishes all four deliciously tasty items were fully enjoyed by the Graphic-Keybase folks.