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Individuals looking for tax shelters or deferred mechanisms may wish to explore the benefits that may be derived from an “exempt” life insurance policy. Such policies may be a powerful tool in the tax planning arsenal, particularly when many other tax shelters appear to have been curtailed. The returns from virtually tax-free accumulation after deduction of the insurance costs, compared to taxable accumulations, can, over a long period, be quite remarkable.

The life insurance industry has developed attractive and sophisticated products that can help you meet your planning objectives. One of these objectives is having insurance coverage, and providing retirement income which could potential be tax effective. These policies allow you to pay insurance premiums and make deposits to a tax-sheltered investment account at the same time. Please seek the advice of a professional advisor when making a decision on this choice of planning.

The last few years has seen significant changes in the financial services industry. The regulatory change has resulted in new competitors and a host of new products and services. The insurance industry has recognized the need to change in order to survive and is now on the forefront on many new developments in products and services.

Summary -The U Life Advantage

  1. Flexibility of contributions
  2. Variety of investment choices
  3. Tax deferred growth
  4. Tax free income possibilities
  5. Tax free money to beneficiaries
  6. Bypass probate,  and Creditor protection

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