Tropical Nights has expanded into Durham Region with two new locations in Ajax and Pickering. The new Ajax location, Tropical Nights Sunset, is considerably smaller (seating for ~45ppl) and does not have a patio but promises to offer the same good food and drinks. Tropical Nights Sunset is located at 619 Kingston Rd W, just west of Church St.

According to one Diner who visited the location just prior to its Official October 28 opening, the curry goat was good and came with a huge serving of rice, topped with some shredded cabbage. “Very Satisfying.”

Tropical Nights' Roti House & Chinese Pickering location is situated at 1660 Kingston Rd. just west of Brock. As its name suggests this location will serve mostly curry and roti dishes, supplemented by Tropical Nights famous Caribbean and Chinese Cuisine.

Tropical Nights has established its reputation as a gastronomical melting pot and fusion of European, East Indian, Arab, Chinese, African and Amerindian traditions that were brought from many lands to the Caribbean and South America. Tropical Nights headquarters is in Scarborough at 1154 Morningside Avenue, just south of Sheppard