Over the past 18 months, Barbados Ministry of Tourism and other stakeholders have been working extensively to prepare for the reopening for leisure and business travel in the island.

During the launch of the new Barbados Tourism promotional campaign entitled “Little Island Big Barbados”, Minister Lisa Cummins describes the journey as a rollercoaster ride but noted that all efforts will eventually pay off.

“Managing these times is challenging. We have been planning for the worst and preparing for the best. It has been about risk mitigation and adaptation. We stood our ground and showed our resilience for destination Barbados and we are investing in a rebranding of our destination after COVID-19 and volcanic ash in the international arena.”

Cummins also noted that the Ministry had been advocating and agitating for inclusion on lists of countries approved for travel, while at the same time fighting to be taken off lists she believes the country had no right to be on. Likewise, she noted that Barbados is actively participating in global safety travel initiatives, such as the IATA travel pass.

The Ministry also project the gradual return of the cruise industry, beginning at the end of June into early July. Barbados’ very first ship christening will likely to take place by October.

All stakeholders were heavily involved in devising plans and strategies focused to enhance the sector for the re-opening, as well as hosting workshops to sensitise various industry personnel on Barbados’ entry and safety protocols.

Cummins have encouraged everyone to get vaccinated so that locals and travelers could feel protected against the spread of COVID-19 with the re-opening of the sector.

“We want our businesses reopened and our workers back to work. We want to feel safe. So far, we have vaccinated over 75,000 persons and our Government’s goal is to immunise 80 to 90 per cent of adults in order to reach herd immunity. We still have a distance to go, but I am confident that by working together, this can be achieved.”