About Us


First published in January 2002 as Graphic News, Caribbean Graphic changed its name at the beginning of 2003 to better reflect its mission to be a community newspaper representing the interests of all peoples of Caribbean origin. The paper went into hiatus in May 2005. In response to popular demand it was reintroduced, under new ownership, in November 2011.



Caribbean Graphic’s content is intended to reflect the unique sensitivities and lifestyles of its target market readers: the members of the Canadian-Caribbean community. Coverage includes news of the events and activities both in Canada as well as in the respective “back home” countries of the Caribbean Region. Caribbean Graphic’s vision is to serve as a platform to advanced awareness of the achievements, challenges and causes affecting Canadian-Caribbean peoples. Its mission is to promote the Canadian-Caribbean community’s economic development and an even greater sense of cohesion amongst its members.



Caribbean Graphic is available free of charge at most East and West Indian groceries, some selected chain stores, Caribbean Consulates and Tourist Board offices, video shops, community, sports and religious organizations in the Greater Toronto Area. Every edition 15,000copies are distributed.


Frequency & Publishing Dates

Caribbean Graphic is published twice per month, on the second and fourth Wednesdays, unless otherwise publicized.